The beginning of another UFO..


My two-year old, Abby, is on a nap strike. Today was one of those rare days where she and my 6 month old, Kayleigh, had a nap at the same time. Usually I am so overwhelmed with all the things I want to do with this time, that I resort to cleaning up the toy hazards strewn around the house or prepping dinner.

However, I find the longer I go without doing something creative, whether it is sewing something for the girls, or knitting, or even reading about creative things, I get a little crazy. A bit grumpy, even. So for the well-being of myself, and in turn, the rest of the family, this time is now craft time.

On Sunday, hubby was kind enough to watch the girls while I made a quick run to Fabricland. I was really good and only shopped for an hour and a half. The fall fabrics are on sale, as well as Simplicity patterns. I am a bit of a pattern hoarder, so I bought eight of them, including a Burda pattern. Most of the patterns are for the girls, but I treated myself to a few as well, since I'm closing in on my pre-preggers weight.

I liked this skirt (view B)so much, I bought some cute grey and magenta plaid fabric and the required notions as well. So today, when Abby fell asleep watching Winnie-the-Pooh, I decided to trace and cut out my skirt pattern. I had time to do just that, and even marinade some pork for souvlaki!

Now I just need time to cut it out of the fabric and sew it... After I finish Abby's Christmas dress, and making the curtains for her room. And her quilt, which I've only been working on since last June...

Jumping on the blogwagon...


Hi there!

I'm hoping for this blog to be a place to record and share lots of different things with friends and family. You are likely to find a lot of craft related things, like projects I'm working on, or cool things I've discovered here and there. I'll definitely bore you silly with all the awesome things my kids do 'cause that's my prerogative as a mother. And I'm sure I'll mention some noteworthy organizations that are doing wonderful things for people and the environment. I'll probably go off on a tangent now and then as well. Sound like fun?!

Since I am mother to a 2 1/2 year old and a 6 month old, updates will be sporadic at best. Posting will likely be done either late at night, or while trying to play tea party, cook dinner, nurse, or something else, so please expect some insanity.

Thanks for stopping by!