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It's difficult for me to get motivated about blogging - I'm not witty, or funny, or anything else that would give complete strangers reason to follow my daily life. However, I have set myself some challenges this year - and I figure I could probably increase my motivation for completing those challenges by letting the whole world - quite literally - know what they are. I obviously don't expect very many people at all to read this blog, and that is perfectly fine with me. But they might - and that should hopefully get me to keep it updated.

So, the first of this years' challenges - to run a trail race. Last year, I signed up for a trail race in the spring, but didn't make it. I did however, get back into running for a few months, ran the Durham 1/4 Marathon (in 1:11), got myself up to a distance of 13k, but stopped in September when school started up again and things at work got really crazy. This year, I've signed up for The Limberlost Challenge, which I am super excited about! I've mashed together a couple training plans from the Internet, and last week was the first 'real' week of training. Here's how it went - completed 100 out of 60 minutes of cross training. Completed 42 out of 100 minutes of running. However, there is an explanation... Mike dropped me off at the indoor track on Monday on his way to the grocery store, but I realized a second too late that it was closed for the Easter holiday. My cell was at home charging, so I got in around 5 minutes of running to meet up with him at the store. I wasn't able to get out of the house for Saturday's 40 min run, so I did it on the elliptical at a lower resistance than I use for cross training. Hence the low run time and high CT time. Hopefully I do better this week.

More challenges next time..