The things you can accomplish...


Abby has been spending a few days with her grandparents, which means I've had some time to work on some projects! It's funny how relative time can be. I thought I had no time when I had one baby, then when she became a toddler, I thought, now I really have no time. Then I had another baby, and figured, how did I think I had no time before, now I don't even have time to think about what to do. I just keep up. Well, having only a 6 month old these last few days feels like I've had tons of time! And that was only during nap times and evenings, after dishes and dinner and all that other fun stuff. Sooo... what got done..

Well, I managed to cut the pieces out for the skirt I mentionned in my last post, so it's ready to be all sewed up. I finished Abby's holiday dress, just a few months late.

I also whipped up a couple of placemats using some Michael Miller laminated cotton, and made up a cute little apron with the remaining bit of fabric. I even made the bias tape myself, using a handy little bias-tape maker tool, no less.

I like to try to bake treats on Fridays. This can be difficult if Abigail doesn't nap. One recent Friday, I told Abby that Mommy would make her cherry butterfly cakes if she had a nap. She said 'OK'. And napped. So she got her cherry butterfly cakes.

This tactic hasn't worked again. But the next week, Abby made marshmallow pops, and did a wonderful job! The idea is from the Fairies Cookbook
Abby got for Christmas from Grandma.

Visit my flickr site for more photos from our pop making session, as well as some other projects I've been working on.

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